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Casper Kjerumgaard

Casper Kjerumgaard, a dynamic figure in the world of outdoor adventure and environmental advocacy. Additionally, he has a background that uniquely combines nature exploration with the creative. His journey into the natural world began in his childhood, thanks to his father’s influence, in Amager Fælled. This early exposure to nature’s wonders sparked a lifelong passion for outdoor activities, such as birdwatching, fishing, and exploring.

In 1993, Casper ventured into rock climbing, a sport that captured his attention for about 20 years. His commitment to climbing led him to co-found Denmark’s first national climbing team, a humorous achievement considering Denmark’s flat landscape. His love for adventure took him across continents, where he engaged in various activities in Europe, the USA, Africa, Asia, and New Zealand.

Currently, Casper Kjerumgaard focuses on local adventures, emphasizing the importance of connecting with nature in one’s immediate surroundings. He balances his busy life as a self-employed entrepreneur with frequent nature trips, proving that making time for the outdoors is crucial for mental and emotional well-being. Accordingly, he extends this passion to his family, introducing his children to the joys of hiking, skiing, and camping.

Casper’s story is not just about personal fulfillment in the outdoors; it serves as an inspiration to others. He demonstrates how integrating nature into daily life, despite a busy schedule, can lead to a richer, more balanced existence. His philosophy centers on the belief that nature is essential for recharging and finding peace, a message he conveys through his work and lifestyle

Casper Kjerumgaard

It’s not about having time for nature, it’s all about taking time

Being busy is a way of life for Casper, but never an excuse to not visit nature. He knows that nature is the place to charge his batteries - and that’s why he says: “It's not about having time for nature, it's all about taking time.”

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