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Thomas Ulrich

Thomas Ulrich, an adventurer from Switzerland, actively explores challenging environments like polar regions and high mountains. His skill and passion for discovery drive him to push boundaries in these extreme places.

Ulrich took the lead in an expedition across South Georgia, tracing the path of the famous explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. This journey was more than a physical challenge; it was a tribute to Shackleton’s enduring leadership in tough conditions. Ulrich’s respect for pioneering explorers shines through in this endeavor.

In his 2018 Greenland Coast-to-Coast expedition, Ulrich faced stormy seas, the isolation of the ocean, and slow progress. He sailed, hiked, and kited across this challenging terrain, showing his commitment to adventure in its purest form.

His planned solo Arctic trip in 2016, though not completed, highlighted his willingness to explore new frontiers and test his own limits. Ulrich’s expeditions are as much about mental resilience as they are about physical strength, as he confronts and overcomes extreme conditions.

Additionally, Ulrich is dedicated to inspiring others and supporting positive causes. Working with Right To Play since 2017, he helps empower children in difficult situations by teaching them valuable life skills, aiding them in shaping a better future.

As a photographer, Ulrich captures the stunning landscapes and moments of his adventures. His photographs not only document his journeys but also celebrate the beauty of the natural world.

Thomas Ulrich embodies the spirit of adventure, resilience, and sharing experiences with the world through his explorations and photography

Thomas Ulrich floating in ice filled waters, still holding on to his camera

Living for adventure

Thomas Ulrich, a qualified carpenter, has actually never worked in this trade. To this day, he makes use of his manual skills to come up with creative solutions for his expedition material.

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