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A highly effective packaging choice


New and improved distribution cartons for the REAL brand help optimise logistics and significantly reduce our total CO2 emissions.

Efficient storage and reduced transport needs

In our new factory, we are developing technology and making smart adjustments to our line of packaging. These investments serve several purposes. Above all, they simplify our own workflow and the everyday work or our operators, optimise logistics, and reduce both food and material waste. Now we are introducing a new distribution carton (D-Pak) for the REAL brand. It optimises our own internal and outbound logistics, while simultaneously yielding a significant reduction in our total CO2 emissions.

By using a single, new and universal size for our D-Pak cartons, we send less air. The new carton is adapted to Euro pallets and simply optimises the number of bags we can pack per pallet. From now on, we will be able to both store and transport two pallets per pallet place. This is much more efficient than before, and cautious estimates indicate that it will lead reduce our total transport needs by just over 20%.