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Meaningful and important cooperation with Food Banks Norway


There has been a whopping 89% increase in the number of visitors to charities distributing warm meals and food to the many people who need help and support to make ends meet.

The Tromsø Food Bank has many volunteers who do an incredible job, and it is meaningful and easy to work with them. We have collaborated to help ensure that tasty and nutritious ingredients end up in hungry stomachs, not the garbage bin. They have also received defective REAL bags that taste delicious and are almost a full meal, but which we cannot send to our distributors.

When a huge bag of rice weighing 600 kg is damaged during transport, rendering it unusable in our production line, we must find a solution that prevents a large volume of food from going to waste. The Oslo Food Bank has the capacity to receive such large quantities. Thanks to them, we didn’t throw away a single bag of rice or pasta in 2022.

Our valued transport partner – Miniekspressen Tromsø – picks up the bag and delivers it to the food bank in Oslo, free of charge. There, volunteers at the food bank pack rice/pasta in smaller packages and distribute it to the many people who need them.