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We will reduce our food waste by 55% by 2030


We are proud to have reduced our food waste by 33%, compared to 2021-2022.

Workshop focusing on sustainability and what it means for us at Drytech. All employees have contributed to the work of establishing the right measurement parameters and goals.

  • Knowledge and expertise about what food we throw away, how much, and why helps create a culture in which it’s considered pretty cool to be a food rescuer.
  • Targeted work with the donation of faulty bags and damaged dry goods from suppliers
  • Improve the packaging of incoming ingredients in cooperation with others in the supply chain
  • Smart technology that checks bags in a clean zone in the production line
  • Free lunch/dinner for all employees (we eat non-vacuum sealed bags with a short shelf life ourselves)

Several measures are already well underway, and smart investments are next in line.