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It’s not about having time for nature, it’s all about taking time

Being busy is a way of life for Casper, but never an excuse to not visit nature. He knows that nature is the place to charge his batteries - and that’s why he says: “It's not about having time for nature, it's all about taking time.”

“My father showed me the wilderness, and that's by far the best thing my parents gave me” - Casper Kjerumgaard

The early years in nature were followed by many years of adventurous birdwatching all around the world, a passion that Casper still prioritizes.

In 1993 he was introduced to rock climbing, which became a lifestyle that took almost all of his time for about 20 years. With a climbing friend he actually founded & launched the first Danish national climbing team, – something he smiles at today:
“It’s almost like the Jamaican bobsled team, – to found a national climbing team in the flattest country of the world”.

After traveling and seeking adventures in Europe, USA, Africa, Asia and New Zealand, Casper now focuses on the small trips of his “backyard” hiking / skiing / birdwatching and fishing, as well as trips to Norway and Sweden.

His focus is to have a small trip into nature at least four times a week. That can be difficult as he is a very busy self-employed entrepreneur, doing a lot of influencer work, making movies, holding lectures, writing articles and building projects, as well as working as a Youtube outdoor host for Denmark’s largest outdoor shop, Spejdersport.

After so many trips over the years in the wilderness, Casper knows that nature is the place where he / we can relax and detox mentally. His kids are teenagers now, but ever since they were small, they were introduced to hiking, skiing and tenting in the wilderness. All because Casper’s passion and love of nature is so important to him.
“I wanted to give them the same experiences as I got, and hopefully they will seek and take care of mother nature too.”

In this very busy and rather hectic time and world we live in, where almost everything is planned and scheduled, nature is the fantastic embracing opposite. Therefore Casper’s advice is:

“It’s cool to dream big, – but remember the everyday-adventure. Don’t plan too much. Just grab the moment and pack a small backpack with water, a camping stove and your favourite REAL® Turmat, and enjoy dinner on an everyday evening – in nature. Don’t sit around and wait for your outdoor dinner adventure – go get it!”


Casper’s all time favorites: