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Hiking in Croatia – Discovering the Dinaric Alps

Already 7 countries and almost 6,000 km for our thru-hike across Europe! Entering Croatia, we discovered the Dinaric Alps that we will follow for a while in the Balkans, we had the great chance to cross 3 out of the 8 national parks of the country: Risnjak, Velebit and Paklenica. We will have to come back for the 5 others :D
We followed part of the trails of the Via Dinarica and the Via Adriatica that led us to discover amazing places like Bijele and Samarska Stijene, the Premužić Trail, the canyon Mala Paklenica and, to finish on a high note, we climbed the highest peak of Croatia, the Sinjal.

"The Dinaric Alps are one of the most rugged mountainous areas in the world"