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Introduction – Vincent and the IceLegacy Project

Vincent grew up in the southwest of France between the voice of the mountains and the call of the ocean. After reading adventurer tales at the age of 17, he developed the dream of exploring the most remote places on earth.

Vincent Colliard
"When I see this beauty, I feel we all have a responsibility to protect the wilderness."

‘’The IceLegacy project is a series of ongoing expeditions across the world’s most glacial regions over the next ten to 15 years. Our goal is to explore, document and raise awareness about melting ice, encourage the conservation of these wild spaces and initiate long term activism towards the conservation of these ice caps. It’s an adventure, yes, but a cause too. When I see this beauty, I feel we all have a responsibility to protect the wilderness.’’

For Vincent, ice caps are unique playgrounds where he feels alive. He likes how they challenge him. But they have no voice, they are fragile and dramatically receding. Not only does the ice melt, but also all the ecosystem around it is affected. Living in the outdoors and connecting with the natural elements has taught him the importance of resource conservation. The adventures have changed his mindset and the way he consumes, and he keeps in mind the human footprint.

‘’Adventure is a constant desire. It is a way of understanding how vulnerable we are and that we are connected with nature. It is by living intense magical moments in the wilderness that we realize how beautiful our planet is. For our children, this doesn’t mean spoiling them with plastic gifts for Christmas, it means giving them a chance to explore a world still wild. For me, that means a lot of ice, and some good, fat polar bears!’’


Exploring is in Vincent’s blood, not something he can switch on or off. And his dream through the IceLegacy project is that there will still be vast wildernesses to enjoy for future generations.

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