Handlekurven er tom.

Hiking in Albania – 600 km from Valbona to Saranda

Before reaching Albania, we heard absolutely everything about this country, the best and the worst. Now, after having hiked 600 kilometers there from North to South, we are happy to share with you our experience of Spring 2019.

"Nowhere else we felt this much of hospitality in Europe"

We literally fell in love with Albania and Albanians. We discovered a country where the nature is still all around and where people would not only invite you for a dinner and a homestay, they would give you their bed to make you feel at home and to give you the best experience of their country.

No less than 6 guests came to hike with in this amazing country!

We arrived from Montenegro in the Valley of Valbona, climbed to Theth before heading towards the Lake Skodër. We discovered the surroundings of the Lake Uzle and took a ferry ride on the Lake Komani. From there, we went to Kosovo and North Macedonia. We came back to Albania on the edge of the lake Ohrid, in Pogradec and went adventuring in the mountains of Korça.

The canyon of Osum was spectacular and the city of Gjirokaster very nice. Of course, we visited the Blue Eye, probably the most touristic place of Albania. Finally, we reached the sea between Saranda and Ksamil before crossing the border with Greece.