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For your outdoor

It’s really up to you if you prefer to enjoy your meal during a cold arctic blizzard or something a bit more cozy and comfortable. REAL Turmat is developed through generations to meet every demand. All our stews, cereals and soups carefully balance nutrition and flavour, and taste like homemade.

Juicy, Norwegian chicken

Our casseroles and chicken soups now have juicy and delicious bites of slow-cooked Norwegian chicken fillet.

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Dinner is served, folks

Our REAL Turmat stews are tasty and complete hot meals made to ensure a necessary and correct composition of nutrients. A carefully formulated balance between fat, carbohydrates and of course strengthening proteins will provide new energy to maintain strength and concentration. At the same time it secures you optimal restitution. Easy to carry – easy to prepare.


Kickstart your day

Our food scientist have selected a variety of high quality ingredients and has prepared the recipes with various sweet tastes like fruit, berries and dark chocolate. When mixed with grain, oats and seeds the result is real energy and real taste. A quick and nutritious meal with exactly the right balance between fibre, proteins and carbohydrates. Easy to prepare, just add cold or hot water and enjoy.


For real soup lovers

Our tasteful soups are a natural choice when you need a light, hot meal or you simply need to charge your energy levels during your adventure. A hot soup provides instant energy and equally important – a soup is easy to digest so you can keep up your activity immediately after eating. We put our pride in preparing every dish gentle and delicate, and to preserve the great arctic taste and natural energy.

Our take on Scandinavian cuisine

We are proud to represent both the modern and the traditional Scandinavian kitchen. We put pride in collecting the best ingredients from our arctic surroundings – such as cod and salmon from our cold clear waters, and high quality produce from Norwegian farmers.

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Easy to prepare
1: Add hot water. 2: Stir well and wait 8-10 minutes. 3: Enjoy your meal