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We make eating
outdoors even tastier.

Our casseroles and chicken soups now have juicy and delicious bites of slow-cooked Norwegian chicken fillet.

We go to great lengths to make every bite of REAL Turmat a flavourful adventure. No matter where you’re headed, we have a tasty and nutritious meal for you that is ready in a flash. Naturally, good ingredients are usually the key to success. We are always careful in choosing quality ingredients from our Arctic environment, and mainly use Norwegian farmers and suppliers. This is important to us and it gives our chefs confidence in their newly developed and nutritious dishes. Our new chicken fillets are no exception.

With new Norwegian quality chicken in the capable hands of our chefs, the scene is set for even better flavours from our casseroles and chicken soup. Large, naturally cut pieces of succulent, slow-cooked chicken fillet take the delicious REAL Turmat flavour to new heights.


The secret is probably not in the recipes. It’s the way we cook our food that matters. Everything we do is simple, but it takes a lot of time to preserve the natural flavour and energy in our foods for the times you need them most. We always give ourselves plenty of time in the kitchen when we make REAL Turmat. It’s not just how our food is cooked; our delicate freezing process is just as important for a great taste. Our new chicken fillets undergo a gentle heating process and are then slow-cooked for hours. This retains the natural flavours and gives the meat a great casserole texture .

What we do is not rocket science, but we sincerely believe that good food takes a good amount of time. It’s only natural. This will be apparent from both the taste and texture when you eat a REAL Turmat meal.

Our chefs now offer an even richer variety of flavours,  handmade in our kitchens in Tromsø with quality products from Norwegian farmers and suppliers. And remember – you can always make a great meal in a flash, whether you’re on a short trip or a long expedition.

What is Slow cooking

We slow cook our new chicken fillet for a long time; the process is called sous vide. It is an old French technique and the direct translation means “under vacuum”. The process is simple: the chicken fillets are vacuumed in a bag, which is then placed in water that stays at a certain, stable temperature. Cooking like this preserves the meat’s juices, aroma and nutrients, while keeping the texture absolutely perfect.

The chicken fillets are prepared and slow-cooked at 76 degrees Celsius before they are delivered to our chefs – which does wonders for the taste, texture and nutritional content!