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Competence sharing and organisational development


In our efforts to realise our sustainability promises, a solid foundation and shared vision are the keys to getting all Drytech employees on board. The aim is to work together to set good goals and sensible measurement parameters.

Each team at Drytech has their own unique expertise about how our REAL brand is prepared, freeze-dried and packaged. Together, we have analysed and charted each team’s value chain. This is the only way we can collaborate on restructuring and change in our processes.

Workshop focusing on food waste

Where does food waste occur in their processes and why. Each team then chose a “top priority” list of measures to prevent food waste related to processes in their value chain. Management and administration provide funds, support and professional resources, driving the implementation of good and well-discussed measures to combat food waste. This is a methodology we will carry with us as we continue our sustainability work.