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Every organization needs an internal drive to keep pushing forward and to perform well – we just have to look outside!

What we do goes way back in time. 10 000 years, to be exact, when people followed the retracting ice cape and discovered Northern Norway. The Arctic climate and the never setting sun offered perfect conditions for dense sources of energy to grow and harvest. This is what made our ancestors able to establish some of the greatest settlements in preEurope. The knowledge of preserving meat, fish, berries, roots and vegetables empowered them to keep on discovering new grounds, even through a long and harsh arctic winter. These rich arctic areas are still where we harvest and unfold our lives. It is a long and proud story. The art of preservation is not only our heritage, but also our future. We are dependent on lightweight supplies of dense energy to master the rugged live in the arctic. For sports, for pleasure and also for hard work. We will never stop discovering new grounds. It’s in our blood.


“How on earth could I preserve her lovely stew?”, family father Rolf Hansen thought, looking at his wife Lill from a distance.

She was standing in the doorway with a big bowl of tasty homemade stew and he could smell her superb cooking from across the driveway. Wouldn’t that be something, he thought. To preserve her brilliant dishes and making them easy to bring along. Just by adding hot water. Being an expert in the field of freezedrying technology, Rolf Hansen knew that gentle freeze drying was an art yet to be mastered. But his passion for both homemade cooking and outdoor life lit a spark. The chunks of meat did not only have to taste freshly cooked. It had to feel the same. The vegetables had to have the same chewing resistance as she so perfectly prepared them. And most of all, there was no way he was going to let a grain of flavour disappear from its arctic origin. In 1989, in the doorway of their very home, the business idea of Drytech was born. From that afternoon on, their garage smelled like a kitchen as Rolf Hansen reinvented the science of freeze drying technology. Today his passion for homemade cooking and outdoor life is shared by millions every year.


They say every great recipe has a special ingredient.
In our dishes, there is none.

The magic of all that natural flavour lies within the cold clear water, the rich soil and the pale arctic light. Just like our ancestors – we catch, harvest, prepare and preserve when nature is at it’s peak. In January we make all our fish dishes when the cod starts the long journey from the cold Barents Sea to the Norwegian coast. Autumn is high season for vegetables, berries and meat. For us it makes sense to cook and preserve when the ingredients are at its prime. Just like it was for our ancestors. Our task is as simple as it is demanding; to preserve the great taste and natural energy. So we put our pride in preparing every dish gentle and delicate. We even hand pick every supplier and know the origin of every ingredient. We believe good food is made with patience. All our flavours are grown in their own pace. Just like nature, it all comes naturally.


It’s not rocket science. It’s what slow cooking means to us.

Our secret isn’t hidden in the cooking. It lays within the process of our freeze drying technology. We are not saying it’s rocket science. We’re just not telling anyone how we do it. Because then everyone will do the same. So it’s for the eyes of key personnel, the Food Safety Authorities and the international certification associations only. But we can tell you the basics. Just to give you an idea of what slow cooking means to us. First we make the perfect meal. Then we freeze the stew and ingredients down to very low temperatures – ultra fast. Then we slowly and gently add heat in a way that neither taste, colour, energy nor vital vitamins gets the chance to escape. Until all the water has disappeared. Take a look inside the bag before you add water and you’ll see what we mean. Take the broccoli. It’s perfect cooking.


Great food feeds more than the stomach. It feeds fellowship.

Being a family driven business, it has always been important for us to gather around the table sharing thoughts of today and dreams of tomorrow. Not like a team. Like a family. Being situated in Tromsø in Northern Norway – almost at the peak of Arctic Europe – we collaborate closely with our costumers all over the world to make them reach their goals. We are driven by a common passion for adventures, striving for new achievements in demanding surroundings. We are highly educated and skilled chefs, nutrition experts, laboratory analysts, technicians and sales people sharing and inspiring each other, reaching places we could only dream of last year. That’s the heart in our product development. We know a lot of people are dependent on what we do. Because every mission and every need is both different and demanding. Therefore, our business has to be flexible with a rock solid base. It’s a family business thing.


Our products reach new ground every day.
We offer a varied range of lightweight meals for any occasion.

We are in it for the long journey. What started as a tasty, great home made stew, preserved with world class freezedrying technology almost 30 years ago, has grown and reached new grounds. We want to go further and we want you to go further. That is why we now offer you a wide range of field catering products; from breakfast to lunch to dinner. And that extra bite of boost to get you all the way, wherever your mind is set to go. You are not alone. Our meals are helping men and women all over the world to master new achievements every day. Either it’s groups of mountain expeditions, lonesome polar travellers, soldiers in armed forces, triathlon competitors, doctors in refugee camps or families just heading for their weekend cottage. Thousands of unique stories unfolding every day, powered by some of the richest natural resources our soil and sea have to offer. It’s a long journey. We are to be counted on, in every step. Proud to be a part of your mission, and humble to be a part of your goal.