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Johan Skullman

Johan Skullman, with his rich background in the Swedish Armed Forces and extensive experience in various outdoor environments, stands out as a seasoned survival expert and a respected figure in the world of outdoor activities. His expertise spans over 40 years, encompassing diverse climates and unpredictable natural settings.

Skullman’s career in the military involved significant responsibilities, where he played a crucial role in field testing and setting specifications for soldiers’ protective gear and clothing. This experience has given him a deep understanding of the practicalities and challenges of outdoor survival, as well as the importance of high-quality, functional equipment.

After his military service, Skullman extended his expertise to the civilian sector, working as a product developer and consultant for leading Nordic outdoor brands. His work in this field reflects his deep commitment to practicality and functionality in outdoor gear. This is particularly evident in his role as the founder and product developer at Garphyttan, where he designs clothing based on his personal experiences and requirements for outdoor activities. His focus is not just on style but more on the functionality and fit, ensuring the clothing is comfortable, durable, and well-suited for life in nature.

In summary, Johan Skullman is not just a survival expert but also an innovator and a visionary in the field of outdoor gear and survival techniques. His work reflects a deep connection with nature and a commitment to equipping others with the knowledge and tools to thrive in it.

Johan Skullman

Johan Skullman – Introduction

He has spent over 40 years in nature’s most unpredictable environments and climates...

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