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Focusing on Efficient Energy Consumption


Currently, we produce twice as many bags using the same energy consumption we did 7 years ago.

Change and development of drying technology that we designed ourselves

As an Eco-Lighthouse company, we have measured and reported our energy consumption over a lengthy period of time. One of our most important measurement parameters is the number of bags we manage to produce each year. Our core activities, however, are cooking and freeze drying meals. Over many years, we have focused on optimising and streamlining our energy consumption. 30 years of experience and innovation on our freeze drying technology, in close collaboration with our subcontractors, has contributed to cuts in energy consumption per bag.

We have also implemented several good measures in the processes of cooking and cooling our stews and soups. In addition, we are continuously working to reduce energy consumption related to our buildings. For example, we currently use surplus energy from our processing plant to heat our production and administration premises.