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All our food products are GMO free. It is a requirement to all our subcontractors, that all components and ingredients we buy, must be GMO-free. We even conduct extra checks on eg. rice, that we submit for analysis to be 100% safe. It is also not allowed to import genetically modified food or animal feed into Norway. We therefore feel confident that this is taken care of in the best possible way.

REAL Turmat and REAL Field Meal are vacuum-packed to maintain taste and consistency as well as to ensure food safety - and to enable minimal use of additives. A sealed pouch is quite rigid and the contents are kept compressed. If the pouch is punctured and no longer under vacuum, the food should not be eaten. Please return the product (unopened) to the store. How to check for vacuum leaks: A punctured pouch will feel soft and the contents will be possible to shake loosely inside.

The packaging should always be brought back from the trip and sorted as mixed waste. The packaging is not combustible and shall not be burned.

We adhere to the saying "best before, but not bad after." As long as the pouch is still vacuum sealed the meal can usually be enjoyed, also after the best before date. We have successfully tested and eaten our meals several years after the best before date. If, on the other hand, the pouch is punctured / not vacuum sealed, the product is deemed to be broken and should be returned to the store.

For best results, the water should be 70 ° C - 100 ° C for Soups, Stews and Full Meals. Breakfasts and Light Meals can be prepared with both cold and hot water. In emergency situations, all dishes can be prepared and safely eaten using cold water for preparationnt, though the rehydration time will increase from 8 minutes to about 40 to 50 minutes.

Yes. Drytech utilizes only hydropower for manufacturing. Read more here: 100 % Renewable Energy

Easy to prepare
1: Add hot water. 2: Stir well and wait 8-10 minutes. 3: Enjoy your meal

Our unique drying process removes only the water from the original dish. This secures you a nutritious and lightweight meal – really easy to prepare without removing a grain of the rich flavour.

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