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Innovation Through Generations

Sustainability is a natural driver of innovation and provides motivation for restructuring that results in climate friendly and environmentally friendly competitiveness


Our hearty meals should provide people with energy-rich nutrition. That’s why we make a variety of tasty dishes perfect for when you’re outdoors or in the field. We want to help promote good public health by inspiring people to “take a hike”.

Sustainability development - a team effort

Drytech is a responsible food producer and strives to be a driving force for sustainable value creation.

Organisational development is a priority area for us. That’s why it’s important to develop the skills and professional competence of all our employees; it allows us to restructure and change as needed. We aim to ensure that everyone has a meaningful workday and a good, long career at Drytech.

We demand that our suppliers follow ethical guidelines. They must comply with national and international legislation at their production sites, as well as relevant UN and ILO conventions. Our suppliers must be environmentally certified or demonstrate that they are engaged in ongoing efforts to attain certification.

Drytech must promote sustainable business practices that respect people, society and the environment.

Targeted investments leading up to 2027

Green investments will help us achieve our chosen sustainability goals. These investments are among our concrete measures to achieve our goals within selected focus areas. Among other things, we will reduce our own CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030.

Focus areas for climate and the environment

  • From food waste to food wins
  • Smart material choices (circular solutions)
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Streamline transport needs
  • Work on these same focuses with everyone in our supply chain

Between 5-10% of annual turnover is set aside, and these funds are channelled into projects and measures related to our sustainability work.

This model shows how we view the connection between the three equally important aspects of sustainability.


Sustainability is commonplace for us. It is part of our nature. For us as a company, it is about being able to do more with less of society’s resources and raw materials.

The Good Idea

As early as the 1970s, Drytech founder Rolf Hansen was a pioneer when it came to integrating this environmental perspective into business operations. He saw significant potential in the precious raw materials and local biomass that went to waste in the fishing industry that he knew so well. Based on this insight, and not least as a food-loving specialist within the field of innovative drying technology, he developed his business idea; the unique freeze-drying method on which we still base our production.

Naturally, it was important to utilise the raw materials, not to mention preserving the taste and consistency of the food. In addition, he focused on innovation in order to
realise and reuse valuable surplus heat and energy from the industrial processes.

Creating the future together

We proudly take the ideology and legacy with us into the green shift. We take our share of responsibility, and think globally while primarily acting locally — on our home turf. That is where we have the greatest opportunity to make a difference. Over several years of strategic investment in new technology, we have managed to halve our total energy consumption. In addition, the energy we use is 100% renewable. This is great news for both the environment and for us. Our new factory is rigged for the future and for modern, efficient and energy-friendly operations.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have a major impact on Norwegian politics and industry, and also affect our strategic choices. So do several other national and international initiatives. New knowledge and expertise are very exciting things, especially when we are able to share them. Our entire organisation is now working in unison on demanding restructuring processes and innovation. The aim is not only to reduce the environmental impact, but also to create an even better working day for the people at our company.