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We need to do more with less of society’s resources in order to become a more sustainable food producer

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Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

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Reduce the amount of waste

We will map and systematise our waste with the aim of using recyclable materials in our business. Questions can be asked about many interesting aspects; for example, is it possible to rent and not own? Is it possible to cut significant material consumption by changing methods, repairing equipment or optimising processes. Last but not least, we need to learn more about how we can use recyclable plastics in our own processes and production.

From food waste to food win

Food waste is a major and pervasive challenge in our industry. The problems are just as evident nationally as they are internationally. Over the course of several years, we have implemented measures to reduce our food waste. We have chosen to call the measures ‘food win’. Our goal with ‘food win’ is to not throw away good food, but rather to find solutions where we donate food that isn’t fit for sale.

Optimisation in the value chain

Using new technology, we will be able to quantify, report and measure developments in the waste and squandering of food and materials in our work processes. This insight provides increased knowledge and allows us to develop and implement more and better targeted measures in our sustainability work.


Our ambitious vision is zero waste! Together with our supply chain, we will strive to use recoverable and recyclable material at all stages of our production.