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The vulnerable Arctic coastline is our home ground

Bærekraftsmål 14 Drytech

FNs Bærekraftsmål 14

Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources.

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A source of healthy and good produce

Drytech produces several meals that contain produce from the sea. Aquaculture is one of our most important resources, and important and long-term partners can be found in this industry. Therefore, it is also very important that we as a food company are committed to sustainable catches and aquaculture.

Reducing ocean acidification

We will map and initiate measures to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. The reduction of our emissions means that we also contribute to reducing ocean acidification.

Cleaner coastline

We work continuously with the handling and consumption of chemicals and plastics throughout the entire organisation. We will be a contributor that clearly and actively supports activities that contribute to a cleaner coastline and healthier oceans.


We have a long track record of further developing produce that originates from the sea, adapted to our production processes. Our last launch was Bacalao with clipfish, supplied by a local fish processor. This is a good example of how we support local fishermen in the northern Norwegian coastal fishing fleet.