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We will help ensure responsible
food production and
promote sustainable agriculture

Bærekraftsmål 2 Drytech

FNs Bærekraftsmål 2

End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

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Norwegian produce

For us, locally sourced food means using quality Norwegian produce as much as possible.
We will ensure that the produce we use in our meals comes from sustainable food production.

Sustainable meat consumption

The production of our products will involve sustainable meat consumption. We source chicken, beef and lamb from Norwegian farmers who prioritise animal welfare. A prerequisite for us is to use produce that creates the smallest possible climate footprint.

A variety and breadth of ingredients

Plant-based ingredients are becoming more and more popular. Naturally, we follow market developments where the proportion of plant-based meals and ingredients is increasing. In turn, this helps to strengthen and protect biodiversity.


We have reduced the proportion of red meat in our product portfolio. At the same time, focus has been placed on protein-rich and plant-based ingredients, and we are deliberately focusing on increasing the proportion of meals that contain quality fish from northern Norwegian suppliers.