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We will develop meals that inspire more people to go on a trip in the great outdoors

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Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

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Easy to eat good food in the outdoors

Drytech produces long-lasting, tasty meals. We simply make it easy to both prepare and eat good food when you are out on a trip. The REAL brand will inspire more people to go on a trip in the forests and fields, which in turn will make a positive contribution to general public health.

Sustainable meat consumption

The people at Drytech should have a meaningful and safe working day. With support from new technology and digital solutions, all employees will be given opportunities regarding creativity and development in their role and function. HSE is a key element in our surveys, both in terms of working environment, workload and interaction between human and machine.

A variety and breadth of ingredients

Drytech will work continuously on being a health-promoting company. We will ensure and contribute to creating and developing safe and good workplaces here in Tromsø. Our employees should be able to continue in their role throughout a long and eventful working life with us.


We are setting off together on a journey of learning, focusing on restructuring and change in order to ensure sustainable food production. We will create good, long-term and safe workplaces in Tromsø and work continuously to be a health-promoting company. We will conduct organisational development — focusing on people.