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For the people, the climate and the environment


We work purposefully to understand and improve our impact on the climate and the environment. Together with our employees, suppliers and key customers, we make concrete efforts in several important focus areas.

Project: Recyclable Barrier Pouch With Extraordinary Shelf Life.

In accordance with our sustainability goals, we want to replace our current packaging solution with a new recyclable pouch.

Material use and Recycling

Increased focus on human capital

In this time of change, the food industry is adjusting to new methods of work, recognizing the need for keeping and nurturing skilled operators to effectively use robots and machinery.

Material use and Recycling

Providing Nutritious Meals to Soldiers on the Front Line in Ukraine

Learn about Drytech's efforts to provide essential aid and nutritious meals to soldiers on the front line in Ukraine, and the positive impact it has had

Food Waste

A highly effective packaging choice

New and improved distribution cartons for the REAL brand help optimise logistics and significantly reduce our total CO2 emissions.


Meaningful and important cooperation with Food Banks Norway

There has been a whopping 89% increase in the number of visitors to charities distributing warm meals and food to the many people who need help and support to make ends meet.

Food Waste

Competence sharing and organisational development

In our efforts to realise our sustainability promises, a solid foundation and shared vision are the keys to getting all Drytech employees on board. The aim is to work together to set good goals and sensible measurement parameters.

Food Waste

We will reduce our food waste by 55% by 2030

We are proud to have reduced our food waste by 33%, compared to 2021-2022.

Food Waste

Focusing on Efficient Energy Consumption

Currently, we produce twice as many bags using the same energy consumption we did 7 years ago.

Energy Consumption

Streamlining Transport Needs While Also Creating Growth in New Markets in Europe

Decentralised warehouse in order to achieve greater volume on outbound transport through our distributors.


Smart Material Choices That Reduce Plastic Consumption

Biodegradable and compostable material makes everyday life easier and much more environmentally friendly for our employees.

Material use and Recycling

From Wood to Recycled Plastic

As a member of Norsk Lastebærer Pool (NLP), we now use recyclable and recoverable pallets on our incoming deliveries.

Material use and Recycling

Development Collaboration With Our Suppliers

In order to reduce food waste, we need to work closely across departments internally and with our suppliers.

Food Waste

From Rejects to Plus Goods

The REAL Turmat and REAL Field Meal brands are packaged on our own packing line. Skilled operators and good internal collaboration have led to significant improvements related to the utilisation of previously rejected bags. We have reduced the number of bags that are rejected by 34% over the past year.

Food Waste

Shelf Life Reduces Food Waste

Packaging and packaging methods are important prerequisites when producing long-lasting meals. The bag itself should ensure that the unique taste and consistency of the meal is retained for many years. Long shelf life reduces food waste for consumers.

Food Waste