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Alexander Read

Alexander Read is an inspiring figure in the realm of outdoor adventures and nature exploration, particularly known for his unique approach to family expeditions. His journey in the great outdoors began in 2001, a transition from his days in the Norwegian armed forces to exploring nature’s wonders with his family. This shift from military life to a world filled with princess kits, drawing tools, and adventures with his family, marks a significant change in his life.

He has garnered attention for its captivating storytelling and unique perspective on outdoor adventures. Alexander and his family’s expeditions are not just simple nature trips. They are magical adventures searching for trolls and experiencing nature’s wonders. In 2018, their remarkable journey included 168 nights outdoors, covering about 800 kilometers of Norwegian mountains.

Alexander’s dedication to these expeditions requires more than physical endurance. It demands a mental and emotional presence to fully engage in his family’s world of play and curiosity. Balancing the physical demands of the expeditions with the joy of engaging with his kids’ imagination is a crucial part of their adventures.

Embodying a lifestyle choice for Alexander and his wife, Kristin, they emphasize spending quality time as a family, engaging in local nature excursions in addition to their more extensive trips. This approach is a testament to their commitment to outdoor life and creating magical moments with their children.

Overall, Alexander Read’s story is a powerful reminder of the magic and joy that nature can bring into our lives, especially when shared with loved ones.