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Hiking in Bosnia and Herzegovina – The Heart of the Balkans

From our memories and the media, we mostly think of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a country at war, of Sarajevo as a city under siege... Believe us today this country has multiple facets to show and a lot to offer.

We discovered warm and generous people everywhere we've been, gorgeous and mighty mountains from Blidinje to Bjelašnica, without forgetting Prenj, "the Bosnian Himalayas"... Lukomir, the highest village of the country was a fantastic experience. Hiking this part of the Via Dinarica in winter wasn't easy, it was a real challenge but we made it!

Sarajevo is a fascinating city where so many cultures and influences meet. It is the evidence of the country and region complicated History.
In some way, we fell in love with Bosnia and Herzegovina!

"We discovered warm and generous people everywhere we've been..."