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Just sitting in the office and waiting for the end of the day was too boring for him. Discontent grew and the desire to press the reset button got stronger. After all, he wanted to taste life with the big spoon, he didn’t postpone the decision any longer and quit his job.

He deleted all the could-be’s and could-have-been’s and embarked on an adventure he had long dreamed about - and that has changed his whole life:
Simon wanted to walk from Cape Lindesnes to the North Cape by foot.

"The tranquility and peacefulness of the mountains make such a stark contrast to the noisy and hectic everyday life ..."
Simon Michalowicz

Simon Michalowicz

Traveling by foot in Norway is Simon’s passion, the outdoor life has totally captivated him since his first long hike in Hardangervidda a good ten years ago. Since this first trip he has come back to Norway year after year to go hiking or skiing in summer, autumn or winter.
When Simon arrived in Haukeliseter after successfully crossing Hardangervidda, it quickly became clear to him that being on the go with a backpack was exactly what he had always been looking for.

Finally, he quit his job in 2013 to finally stop dreaming and start walking through Norway by foot. The biggest adventure of his life to date took him from Cape Lindesnes to the North Cape in a total of 140 days. A journey full of challenges, effort, wonderful experiences and encounters. The course of the seasons accompanied Simon on his tour and when he arrived at his destination in mid-October, the first snow of the approaching winter was already there.

Simon Michalowich taking in the view

Taking in the view

Going uphill with a backpack with a beautiful view in the background

The reward is way greater than the struggle

A lucky change of life

The hike across Norway has turned Simon’s life completely upside down. On the way he learned how happy you can be with what little you can carry on your back. On tour you can throw off the weight of everyday life and give your thoughts so much space that you can lose yourself in them for hours and days. The tranquility and peacefulness of the mountains make such a stark contrast to the noisy and hectic everyday life, that once you are back at home, you always recall the moments from the north.
Back home from his long hike, the public interest in Simon’s tour grew steadily, so he finally published a book about it and went on a lecture tour. Reporting on his experiences and adventures has now become almost daily business in Simon’s life. Especially being live on stage gives him a lot of joy, and one or two visitors left the lecture with the bold intention to set off on such a hike through Norway.

Winter tent camp

Some days are just better to wake up to than others

But also Simon sets off north every year to go on all kinds of trips. He pulls his Acapulka sled through the Norwegian winter landscape or pitches his tent in the autumn mountain. Long trips are still his passion, long-distance hiking is something he has never let go of. So Simon and his buddy Ulrich tried to cross Norway lengthwise in the winter season. Unfortunately, they ultimately failed because of the bad weather and too narrow time frame for their tour, an educational adventure that showed both of them that nature is always the boss outside.

Back to the start together

Anni and Simon enjoying the Norwegian nature

The outdoor enthusiasts Anni and Simon enjoying a trek in Norway

The topic of “Norge på langs” (Norway lengthwise) continued to stay in Simons thoughts. And so he started again in 2018, this time with his girlfriend Anni. Both wanted to change jobs and reorganize their lives anyway, so the topic of Norway quickly came up again. And since Anni is equally stoked with Scandinavia and outdoor living, the two decided to take a chance together. The apartment and job were quickly canceled and so their journey led them to Cape Lindesnes in May 2018, from where the two embarked on an adventure together.

Real Turmat dinner in the making.

Anni putting the final touch to the Real Turmat dinner. (Stirring 😊 )

This time it was an unforgettable trip, full of wonderful encounters, exciting experiences and great efforts. Anni and Simon successfully reached “Nordkapp” in mid-October of the same year.
In day to day life, Simon has now found his home in Dresden, where he advises globetrotters and travelers in a local outdoor shop, thus passing on his experiences. In addition, Simon gives lectures across Germany, writes for his blog and for magazines, and leads small groups through the Norwegian mountains as a tour guide.

Real On the Go Energy Bar on a map, during planning