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We make it easy to enjoy
great food in the field.

Great-tasting food is important for keeping focus and energy levels at their peak in demanding outdoor conditions. Our chefs take pride in creating new flavours, and only the best is good enough for them.

REAL Field Meal is good food customised for demanding field assignments. Tasty casseroles with the perfect balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins for your body to perform at its peak. Naturally, good ingredients are the key to success. We are always careful in choosing quality ingredients from our Arctic environment , and mainly use Norwegian farmers and suppliers. This is important to us and makes our chefs confident that their newly developed and nutritious dishes will be great.

One of the most important things for field work in demanding situations is to be well prepared and to stay focused. REAL Field Meals are flexible, lightweight and have a 7-year shelf life. Then there’s the taste. Good ingredients combined by our chefs’ capable hands in our private kitchen. It’s useful – no matter what is on your agenda.


The secret is not in the recipes. It’s the way we cook our food that matters.

Everything we do is simple, but it takes a lot of time to preserve the natural flavour and energy in our foods for the times you need them most. We always give ourselves plenty of time in the kitchen when we make REAL Field Meal. It’s not just how our food is cooked; our delicate freezing process is just as important for a great taste. This retains the natural flavours and gives the casserole ingredients a great texture.

What we do is not rocket science, but we sincerely believe that good food takes a good amount of time. It’s only natural. This will be apparent from both the taste and texture when you eat a REAL Field Meal.

Our chefs now offer an even richer variety of flavours, handmade in our kitchens in Tromsø with quality Norwegian ingredients. And remember – you can always have great taste and the energy you need in an instant, no matter what mission you’re on.

REAL Field Meal casseroles have up to 700 kcal per meal.

Lots of flavour and bursting with energy. A hot meal guaranteed to give you a boost.