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Chicken Soup

Only one of this year’s big news. See it here.

For your outdoor experiences

REAL Turmat caters for the outdoor market. Tasty light-weight meals for everyone and for any kind of outdoor activity.

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Energy for any occasion

REAL On the Go is a series of complementary nutritious snacks. Supplement your main meal with bars, dried meat and energy drinks.

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For those heavy days in the field

The NATO approved REAL Field Meal are single meals as well as rations with a balanced diet, developed for personnel in challenging situations.

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Be inspired

More and more adventurers trust our products in the field. Thousands of unique stories unfold every day. Their experience is very important to us, and helps us improve our products.

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We are delighted to also offer a variety of vegan dishes for your journeys. Find your favourite here.

Our unique drying process removes only the water from the original dish. This secures you a nutritious and lightweight meal – really easy to prepare without removing a grain of the rich flavour.

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We are really proud to be a part of your mission, and humble to be a part of your goal.