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Increased focus on human capital

Material and Recycling

In this time of change, the food industry is adjusting to new methods of work, recognizing the need for keeping and nurturing skilled operators to effectively use robots and machinery.

Produktivitetsspranget: Effectivization of processes and focus on human capital

As part of the ever-changing food industry, Drytech is transitioning to new methodologies, understanding that advancements in technology require skilled operators to be effective. Engaged in the “Produktivitetsspranget” initiative, Drytech aims to bolster organizational strength and competitiveness, focusing on productivity and efficiency.

The importance of human interaction in these processes is paramount, particularly evident in the role of the chosen pilot group: Team Bag-Pack. This team plays a vital role in the meticulous preparation of the product and is actively involved in efforts to minimize waste, reduce material use, and cut energy consumption.

In collaboration with Team Bag-Pack, Drytech is adopting the Lean concept, emphasizing continuous improvement, customer focus, efficiency, and employee participation. The goal is to eliminate waste, reduce costs, enhance quality, and boost productivity. The competence of our human resources, especially Team Bag-Pack, fuels our confidence to navigate this time of change successfully.

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