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Project: Recyclable Barrier Pouch With Extraordinary Shelf Life.

Material and Recycling

In accordance with our sustainability goals, we want to replace our current packaging solution with a new recyclable pouch.

Recyclable Barrier Pouch with extraordinary shelf life

We are grateful to The Research Council of Norway (Forskningsrådet) for supporting this initiative with a grant of 9.8 million Norwegian kroners, signaling the importance of finding recyclable packaging solutions.

This is a demanding challenge and to succeed with this innovation, partners from the value chain have agreed to work together to obtain a recyclable packaging solution fit for a circular value chain. Our current solution is a laminated stand-up pouch that is not mechanically recyclable.

In light of our commitment to our sustainability goals, we recognize the urgency of adopting new recyclable packaging to meet our environmental goals. Indeed, it presents a significant challenge as our current packaging’s functionality harbors certain specifications that recyclable materials, in their current state, struggle to fulfill. Nevertheless, we eagerly anticipate embarking on this journey. Collaborating closely with researchers from Norner Research specializing in packaging together with the entire value chain, we are prepared to confront this task head-on. As we move forward, we are open to the possibility that achieving our recycling objectives may necessitate a reevaluation and potential compromise in certain aspects of our packaging’s functionality. As difficult as these decisions may be, we understand their importance, and we are ready to seriously consider them in our pursuit of more environmentally friendly solutions.

In addition, the project consortium consists of MPack (packaging supplier), Skala Maskon (machine producer), Ragn-Sells (waste handling), Forsvarsbygg (end user), collectively representing the entire value chain.