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Shelf Life Reduces Food Waste


Packaging and packaging methods are important prerequisites when producing long-lasting meals. The bag itself should ensure that the unique taste and consistency of the meal is retained for many years. Long shelf life reduces food waste for consumers.

A recipe that works

A freeze-dried, tasty meal with a long shelf life requires a little extra care. Our packaging and packaging method has been developed over time to ensure food safety and limit food waste. In practice, this means that the packaging must be robust and not allow any air or light to enter. In controlled environments, the meal retains its original taste, consistency and colour for many years.

We vacuum pack all our meals to ensure the bags contain as little air as possible. This means that we do not need to use absorbers in our bags (absorbers reduce the amount of oxygen in the bag, preventing ingredients from deteriorating).
We are also committed to reducing the use of other additives and flavour enhancers. Vacuum packing is therefore a very good solution for our products and creates predictability in our work to ensure safe food and long shelf life. From the date of manufacture, the Real Turmat and Real Field Meal brands have a shelf life of 7 and 5 years respectively, but are often just as good after these periods have expired.